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Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs worldwide. The large number comprise the people who take weed without a doctor’s recommendation or prescription from any other medical practitioner. People who take it for medical benefits take the least number. Coronavirus has become a menace to the people with its effects being experienced across the world. Its emergence has discombobulated many people in its extreme of spreading and infection, causing many business people to close down their business premises. It has also generated to government’s directives on curfew and lockdown which has left many people with no option other than staying at home. People are not nowadays working normally as they used to do, before the onset of the life claiming disease, corona virus. Because of that, many people are left idle, and therefore, becoming prone to the apparent substance abuse. Abuse means wrong use or misuse, in a manner that is exhaustive, or without regulations. Bhang is subject to misuse due to its availability and lack of control measures. This is also due to anxiety and lust to consume in extreme capacities.Some ways in which bhang is abused include the following:

When it is used in large amounts

Weed should not be taken in large amount because it could be harmful to the brain. It is supposed to be regulated by the sellers. The sellers should stop the habit of trading the drug basing their ambitions on money factor. This is because people who cannot control their marijuana intake will be psychologically ruined, and they will end up being mentally challenged people who cannot be of any use to themselves and their fellow friends at large.

When it is used without a doctor’s recommendation

People are likely to consume cannabis in sensible amounts only when they are using it for their health benefits. This is at times when the consumer is a patient and to get cured of their infection, they need to take a logical amount of the narcotic drug as the dosage dictates. This is actually censored consumption because the seller will sell the bhang depending on the dosage prescribed by a medical practitioner. On contrary, marijuana is abused when those purchasing it is not under any regulation measures. This means that they are the same people to limit their intake for weed, which at times becomes a challenge and could easily lead to abuse. This is due to lack of knowledge by the smokers to measure the extreme at which bhang is abused. In that case, therefore, they will tend to conclude that their measures are okay, and they will not think at any time that they are misusing the drug.

When it is used by people under the age of twenty-one years

Usually, cannabis is not supposed to be sold to persons under the age of twenty-one years. This is a directive given by the governments of the states where it is legalized. This is because, the people who fall under that’s age bracket are regarded as minors, and are therefore not able to make straight decisions for themselves. It is hence an abuse to sell marijuana to them.

When cannabis is used in controlled measures, it may not be harmful to the body unlike when it is consumed anyhow by any person.