All Things Eating vs Drinking THC

When you want to use THC you can either eat it or drink it. Eating vs drinking THC compares the ways of consumption. Eating THC happens when you consume edible substances such as baked goods, candies, and tinctures whereas drinking THC happens when you consume teas, beers, and weed tonics.

Some of the benefits and side effects are as below:

Health benefits

Cannabis sativa has in the past been used to cure certain diseases. In the world today cannabis sativa has proven to solve some medical problems and some medical professionals think that it should be considered as a medical option for certain diseases.

Eating vs drinking THC is used as an option for some medical conditions such as cancer symptoms, chronic pains, and anxiety. It is becoming popular over time for its continued use though some of the health related effects are still unclear.

Side effects

Though cannabis has health benefits, it does not lack a negative side of its consumption. It can be very difficult to determine its effect at an early stage of consumption. Concentration of THC is determined by factors such as the quality of product and the place of production.

Continued eating vs drinking THC shows side effects such as sweating, vomiting, nausea and dizziness at some point. Avoid consumption of the product for recreation but rather for medical reasons. 

Purchasing safe marijuana products

It is important to purchase marijuana products safely whether eating vs drinking THC for recreational purposes or for medical reasons. Not all sellers of marijuana are licensed and therefore getting the products from licensed sellers will be the best decision. Ensure that you get the products from a trusted source and take dosage as per recommendation. 

How to enjoy marijuana legally

People consume marijuana for various reasons which differ from person to person. Some may take for medical reasons while others take it to relax. It is recommended to take safe products from safe sites. 

While use of marijuana for recreational reasons is illegal in most parts of the world, consumption for medical reasons may require the physician’s recommendation for cases such as, anxiety, chronic pains, and cancer symptoms.  

Though consumption of marijuana has proven to be beneficial overtime, some of its negativities prove otherwise. You can be able to enjoy the use of marijuana legally if you purchase it from licensed dispensaries that are reputable and taking when you are recommended by a medical practitioner on the use of THC. 

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How CBD Oil uses to build a Strong Immune System ?

CBD oil is a natural compound extracted from the plant hemp variety that contains a lower percentage of THC compound. The CBD oil uses to build the immune system are numerous, therefore, this product has been approved for use in many medical centres to cure numerous illnesses.

A keen look at the Immune System 

A living organism is made up of a complex network of cells, tissues, organelles, organs and blood cells e.g. the erythrocytes and red blood cells that help the body fight diseases hence maintaining health.  That is what we refer to as an immune system. A stronger immune system means a healthier individual. Those with wa weak immunity systems are, therefore, able to smile due to the CBD oil uses to build the Immune System. 

 CBD oil is used to build the Immune System in the following ways:

 The oil helps in comforting your body hence bringing a calming effect

Most people in the world undergo daily stress and depression, thanks to the scientists who discovered the comforting properties of CBD oil when consumed in prescribed doses. It has been noted that the oil calms even the brain tension helping the user to have courage and soft in his activities. This will enable such an individual to easily get rid of depression.

  Beneficial in solving all the Gastro-intestinal Track problems 

CBD oil uses to build the immune system support a healthy gastro-intestinal response in human beings and animals through its non-inflammatory characteristics. This has helped in keeping gastrointestinalinal tract free from infections hence helping in proper food digestion which is essential in producing food necessary for daily body functioning.

  CBD oil regulates the secretion of cytokines

Cytokines are small proteins responsible for body actions like the growth of the body and immunity strength. These cytokines are secreted in your body’s immune system. The non-inflammatory CBD helps to regulate inflammation, production of white blood cells and immunity. This helps in the normal functioning of your immune system making your body healthy.

 It is a strong immunomodulation component of the human body

The most important CBD oil uses to build Immune System is the aid in the responses to inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of the compound help the body in isolating the infected areas and prevent the further spread of toxic compounds to the safer and healthier parts of your body. 

It is, therefore, noted that consuming CBD oil in the prescribed dose is very helpful to your immune system and body in general. Always use the doctor’s prescription while having the CBD treated underdose or overdose will be too harmful to your health.

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Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana is obtained from the cannabis sativa plant. It has both medical and recreational uses. Medically cannabis is used in the treatment of cancer, glaucoma, hepatitis C and many others. On the other hand, people use it for recreation, they claim that it relieves them of stress and causes excitement. While some of these claims may be true, abuse of cannabis is highly discouraged because it has adverse effects to the mental health of the user. Use and sale of marijuana is also a criminal offence in most countries thus dealing in the latter could lead to a jail term.  

Cannabis can be taken into the body system in many ways but smoking is the most common because it is the most effective. After smoking marijuana, there are two possible events that could occur. The consumer can either enter into an excited state or a depressive state. In the excited state, the user starts to imagine impossible things which is better known as hallucination. In the excited state, the consumer gets a false feeling of comfort and stress relief. In the depressive state, the consumer goes to withdrawal and spends most of the time alone. They never want to cross paths with anyone because they want to enjoy their peace. Mental health is vital to every human being thus in this article, I will elaborate the effects of cannabis on memory. 

Marijuana contains a psychoactive chemical, THC, which when taken into the bloodstream crosses the blood barriers of the brain. This causes a temporary memory alteration of the short-term memory which impairs the judgement of the user in the way he/she behaves and carries out activities that require the short-term memory as the user forgets quickly. Since the judgement of the consumer is impaired, he/she is unable to carry out activities that require concentration such as driving. Driving under the influence of marijuana, like alcohol, could cause accidents and loss of lives eventually. The effect is temporary but it could become permanent if the user in question is a habitual smoker and does it regularly over a long period of time. 

On the same note, research has shown that use of marijuana causes alteration of the brain structure. Research has shown that regular use of cannabis interferes with the connectivity and reduces the size of specific brain parts that are instrumental in activities such as impulse regulation, learning and capacity to remember. Further studies have shown that regular use of marijuana limits the ability to learn especially for teenagers who were introduced to the use of cannabis at an early stage in life when the brain was supposed to be developing. This causes the consumers of the latter to be reluctant to learn, lazy even in physical activities that require some thinking among others. Regular marijuana users are usually in comfort zones with little or no progress, because their brains were affected and the ability to learn, which require memory was altered. 

Cannabis has more effects than advantages thus recreational use of the same could lead to permanent effects in future, which is undesirable especially where it involves memory.