What are the risks and benefits of marijuana uses for pain?

Many countries are doing research on how the drug can be used in order to reduce the pain of patients. It has been legalized in some countries due to its purpose for both medicinal and recreational benefits. Marijuana has a compound in it called cannabinoids which are thought to bring relief to a patient. Marijuana uses for pain have the following risks and benefits

Pain control

The substance in marijuana can reduce pain by changing the pain perception ways to the brain. This way the patient will not feel much pain.it is helpful for pains caused by chronic illnesses such as arthritis and migraine. 

Mental disorder

Another benefit of marijuana uses for pain is that it helps with mental disorders such as anxiety. Doctors may sometimes prescribe it to patients with mental disorders. This is because of its effect on the limbic system.

Neurological disorder

Marijuana helps in controlling neurological disorders such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. This also due to the effect it has on the limbic system of human beings.

It reduces inflammation 

The cannabinoids in the marijuana are said to help reduce the inflammation. Reducing inflammation in the body helps to improve mental health. Marijuana uses for pain benefit inflammatory diseases such as bowel syndrome and arthritis.

It helps to improve on sleep control

Marijuana has a relaxing effect which helps people with sleep disorders such as insomnia to sleep. This happens when the patient is relaxed and is not in pain. 


Marijuana uses for pain poses the risk of hallucination to patients. Hallucinating is seeing things that do not exist. Most drug addicts of this drug suffer from such a problem. Patients who use it as a painkiller may suffer from hallucinations.


The drug may cause stimulating effects such as hyperactivity, increased blood pressure and rapid breathing to patients who are treated with the drug. 

Depressive effects

Marijuana use for pain may cause depressive effects to the patient. This effect is also similar to the depressive effect of alcohol. It causes the patient or the user to have the problem of co-ordination and concentration

Respiratory disease

The use of marijuana as a painkiller may cause respiratory disease such as lung cancer.it is still being debated whether the use of marijuana decreases or increases the possibility of causing respiratory diseases to its patients.


Marijuana causes a lot of dependence of the patient to the care giver. This happens because the patient is not able to perform different tasks and relies on the care giver for help.

This article has the risks and benefits of using marijuana as a painkiller. It is advisable to consult your doctor before using the drug so as to be informed more in the risks, benefits and right quantities of the drug to be used.

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