What are the Differences of Indica & Sativa Weed?

Indica Vs Sativa

Many people tend to assume that sativa are the same but in the real sense, they are not. Below are the differences that show how they are different in many ways. The differences include:

The appearance of the plants physically is different

Mostly the indica trees grow not more than four feet. Their leaves are very broad and they are compacted to the branches hence the plant looks very bushy. The Sativa plant physically they are larger than the other ones i.e. India when we compare Indica Vs Sativa Weed.

They grow anywhere with their growth height not more than eighteen feet. Their leaves are thin. Mostly these leaves lack many branches.

The composition of the compounds they have to differ

The delta-tetrahydrocannabinol compound found in Sativa can also be found in India. Their contents in each plant differ.in Sativa plants, the delta-tetrahydrocannabinol compound is produced more than the one produced in India when we compare Indica Vs Sativa Weed.

The way they work in the body differs

The delta-tetrahydrocannabinol led the user to feel very sleepy, he or she may have impaired perception or movement and also he or she may experience euphoria. Also, delta-tetrahydrocannabinol is known to decrease in the body.

Cannabidiol also is found on both plants and decreases the pains in the body and the inflammation. The symptoms that are caused by the mental disorders due to health problems also they are reduced in the body.

The feelings they make in the body differs

Sativa makes the user feel energetic, also leading to uplifting the feeling of energy. But all this tends to be limited. The bodyweight of users decreases if the person uses Sativa for long periods. Some of the users of indicates indicated that it helps with sleep. Also, those of Sativa say that their energy in the body is enhanced.

The side effects also may differ

The side effects that cannabis causes differ from one person to another and they include; the user may experience dizziness, the mouth of the user may also be dry, and anxiety may be experienced.

The delta-tetrahydrocannabinol affects the brain specifically in Sativa when we compare Indica Vs Sativa Weed. Other effects it may cause include; the user’s mood may change, their senses also can be altered, the body movements can be altered and hallucinations may be experienced.

They differ in the benefits they have

Sativa is known to treat chronic pains, increase creativity and focus, and increase serotonin, it’s good to be used in the daytime, it’s considered to be an ant depressant and ant anxiety. Indica increases the mental relaxation, the muscles of the user relax, nausea is also decreased, the appetite is increased, and good for use at the nighttime.


The two species of cannabis have differences that are described mostly in their effects. The reason why their effects differ is that the compounds also differ from each other hence the effects differing. Many factors including tolerance influence their effects too. So after learning what you have now, go and find yourself a online dispensary vancouver.