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There is a huge number of adults that tend to make use of marijuana on a regular basis. The question is are they doing so in a legal way or they have to do it in hiding and fear mainly because it has not been legalized? In many countries and states where legalization has taken effect, cannabis and Sativa plants have been used for the longest time either as a herb, for recreational purposes as well for medical purposes. With all the discussions that are taking place in regards to the legalization of Cannabis in USA, below are some of the pros that come with the making of this move.

  • The social reasons

When the government decides to prohibit the use of High THC cannabis, this is something that is unwarranted by the government especially when it comes to the intrusion of each individual in regards to the freedom of choice that they have. Another thing is that when taken in high abusive amounts, cannabis has been found to have negative effects on the human body the same way that tobacco and alcohol do. In fact, there are many negative health effects that tobacco and alcohol have and the fact still remains that they are still been used largely. There are a number of medical benefits that have been proven when it comes to cannabis and it has also been found to help different patients all over the world who are suffering from diseases and ailments that include glaucoma, cancer, and even AIDS.

  Another thing is that violence and crime is something that is greatly increased due to the illegal buying and selling of cannabis.

  • Fiscal reasons

It is important to take note that cannabis has been found to be one of the top agricultural products that is been sold in America. The legalization of Cannabis in USA is bound to bring in a lot of revenue with an expected rise of $4.5 billion. If cannabis was both legalized and also regulated, there would be a total of $8 billion that would end up been served on an annual basis especially when it comes to government spending.  With the high revenue, it is clear that the economy is also going to benefit especially in the states where the legalization buy weed online has been done.

  • Law enforcement

According to statistics that were given out by the FBI, a total number of 587,700 people were arrested in the year 2016 for crimes that were related to cannabis. This is a high number compared to rape and murder cases combined together. As a result of this, not legalizing cannabis creates a kind of burden on the judicial system. The penalties that come with these offenses have also been found to be harsh.