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A key aspect in marijuana business is to ensure that products are delivered to consumers in a timely and efficient way. To enable you deliver marijuana goodies to clients, it is important to invest in certain technologies that make your work easier. The technology is needed to handle different aspects of delivery which include tracking drivers, dispatching orders, and managing inventory. The smartphone technology has transformed the way delivery procedures should be handled. This article will explain the key elements of medical marijuana app and has they assist delivery of marijuana to the intended clients.

GPS Tracking

Communication is between the dispatcher and the driver is very important when operating cannabis delivery business The tracking device enables the dispatcher to locate where the driver is and how long he will take to deliver the product to the patient. The patient is alerted about the whereabouts of their products so that they get prepared in receiving them. Using this device, enables the dispatcher to discover the driver who is fast in delivering products to the intended consumers.

Smart Order Assignment

This feature enables the dispatcher to process the order quickly. The feature assists the dispatcher to know the driver to assign the order to depending on the distance to be covered to reach the patient. This feature saves time when selecting the courier which in turn saves money used to fuel the vehicle.

Mobile transactions

Mobile transactions enable delivery applications to be carried fast. The feature enables the couriers not only call the patients but also collect and upload their profiles. Through this feature the driver is able to upload the state identification and recommendation and sign the agreement digitally. Upon completing the application, an email receipt is sent to the dispatcher who notes that the transaction is complete. This feature can be used as a monitoring tool to evaluate the progress of drivers.

Route Mapping

The feature enables the driver to monitor the status of roads. Through this app, the driver is able to know the roads under construction and those that have slow moving traffic jams. In this way, the driver will be able to use alternative routes which will save time.

Delivery Notifications

The features assists the patient to know the status of the order from the time it is picked up by the courier and when it is just few minutes before it reaches them. In this way the patient is saved money of calling the dispatcher to know the delivery status of their order. The patient will always organize themselves to pick up the order from the courier due to these updates.

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