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I lived in Detroit until I was 6 and my mom moved us to the suburbs of Metro Detroit where I lived until I went to college at 17. My mom never allowed sugary cereals in our home so I grew up on granola and other whole-grain “mom approved” foods. Outwardly I complained and proclaimed my desire for white bread and grape jelly sandwiches just like my friends had in their school lunch boxes. Secretly I really did like the whole grain bread my mom bought, and the granola that I was allowed to eat as an after-school snack. Little did I know then that years later I would have an all natural foods company based in Detroit.

After college, I moved to NYC and worked in the corporate world. During that time I also traveled a lot and started my life-long love affair with learning about food from other cultures. Every trip or vacation would always include experiencing the food that the locals were eating.

I was mostly self-taught by watching and learning from others. After a trip to Spain where I studied with a Catalan chef, I learned about the sweet and savory aspects of cooking. Adding a little bit of spice like black pepper transformed a sweet dish and helped make it go from ordinary to extraordinary. Upon my return, I was ready to see what I could do with it. Why not add a little bit of spice to granola? A lifelong granola eater I bought granola that was often too sweet and full of fat for my taste and waistline. So along with a friend I started a granola company and moved back to Detroit where it all began!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my moms crazy idea of feeding her child honey and soy nut butter sandwiches would inspire me to translate my life experiences into a small business that I learn from, and am proud of, every day. Through all of these life experiences, one thing became clear:

Honest food is simple.
That is Simply Suzanne