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Cannabis is used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. Those who use it for recreational purposes want to get high fast. On the other hand, those who use cannabis for therapeutic purposes want it to be distributed evenly to all parts of the body so that they are relieved of pain. In case you want to use cannabis for medicinal purposes , it is important to use it in the form of edibles. Eating weed through marijuana infused food items is the best way of ensuring that the drug is slowly distributed to various parts of the body so that you?re relieved of your pain. Furthermore, if your objective is not to get high fast, taking marijuana infused edibles is the best method. There are various kinds of edibles available. For instance we have brownies, candy, chocolate, cookies, drinks etc. This article highlights and explains different types of marijuana edibles available.

There are 3 main types of edible available. These include:

  • Those meant for gastrointestinal uptake- these are meant to go through the stomach for absorption. There are various kinds of edibles in this group. These include: brownies, cookies, pill capsules, snacks etc. They take time to be activated in the body. However, their effect is felt for a long time compared to those that are smoked.
  • Oral uptake-These are edibles that you hold in your mouth for a long time. Their effect are felt faster but do not last for long. In this category we have edibles like suckers, lozenges, and tinctures.
  • Hybrids-These are

    found in between the gastrointestinal and oral uptake. They are designed to be absorbed orally and in the stomach. Their effect is fast and patients will get relief quickly. Furthermore, they have a long lasting effects compared to the ones smoked.

Advantages of marijuana edibles

Cannabis eating over smoking has various advantages as follows:

  • Consistence dosing- In case you?re a patient, you need to use cannabis as per the prescribed dosage. Most of the cannabis infused edibles have specific measured dosages. This is important in ensuring that you?re not under-dosed or overdosed.
  • Effects-The effects of eaten cannabis come slowly and take long in the body as compared to smoked cannabis The product is evenly distributed in the body and can relief your pain effectively. This means that even if you take the cannabis in the morning, you can comfortably do your job with less disruption.
  • Discretion- Many people are sensitive about their personal privacy. When you use edibles, you discreetly consume cannabis.
  • Flavour- When you infuse cannabis with the food, you enhance its taste. Foods such as brownies, pizza, granola are very delicious.
  • Celebration of tradition

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